Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Production Days

Its been a mad few weeks of production since starting my shop on etsy.com. Keeping myself busy is a pretty easy task with two rugrats, a household to keep & an at-home business to run. With all the things to do in a day, I still find myself hounding my computer, checking email & my shop for any signs of a sale far too often during the day - excited for that lovely red alert on my page signaling a sale. Of which I have made a few, I am happy to say! It must be all that chatting & networking, which occasionally seems a waste of production time - but who knows? I think its beginning to pay off. I thank my wonderful customers for their support!

Between soirées to my etsy shop, I am busy working on new items & updating my terrible first photos. I think things are looking much better now. I came up with some new pizza designs & am quite pleased with them. Still, the elusive crab dinner hounds my creative juices & I haven't found the time to invest in its creation. Someday. Maybe if i quit chatting, more will get done - but then, who's going to promo my shop? Conundrums...

I have been plastering the Alchemy listings with my wares for 2 weeks now & have finally gotten a special order! Baby cookies for an 8mo old. I put in a rattle, jingle bell & crackle paper inside the cookies, for extra sensory fun. I think the customer will be pleased.
Sew on, sew on...

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