Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chocolate Dreams

I dream of Chocolate... not the cheap waxy crap that is the experience of most Americans - but the delectable, velvety dark gourmet chocolate that we shell out the big bucks for. I mean, seriously - who pays $6 per ounce for chocolate? I DO!! And am happy to do so...

So in light of my gourmet chocolate obsession, I developed some felt versions of my favorites - some darks, some milks, some caramels & of course white chocolates. All are hand-stitched with love by me (I drool & dream of the real things while making them).

So, I encourage you to hop on over to my etsy shop, buy these felt chocolates for your Little Chef's play food collection, forget your diet, remember that dark chocolate is good for you & shell out for some real gourmet chocs & treat yourself!

... ok, now its chocolate time for me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Onward & Upward

I know, I have been completely neglecting my blog, everyone is probably wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth (I haven't). Other than the few CPSIA call-to-action posts, it has been a barren blogging season for me. So now, with the numbing panic of the CPSIA legislation behind me (for 1 more year at least), I am finally able to focus on blogging & making & listing new products in my shop. My studio (kitchen) has also been sorely neglected & needs a good cleaning!

After a busy January I look forward to all the new items in my head that are bursting to be created! For now, I have broken down my Orchard Fruit set into smaller pairs of fruit for customers who aren't ready to spend the big bucks on the complete set. More customizable.

Keep an eye out in my shop for brand new items not seen on etsy... (hint: new desserts, breakfast items & entrees).