Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day is Coming!

In celebration of Earth Day this Thursday, I am going to post a fun DIY tutorial of something you can make to help reduce garbage and green up our earth! I haven't made the final decision on which project to make, so keep your eyes peeled in the next day or two for some crafty green fun!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Big Ta-Da

You know the feeling when you work on something you are really proud of, are just itching to finish it and show it to the world, because it is the most spectacular, wonderful and brilliant idea you ever had - and its conception has been barraged through the gauntlet of design vs logistics for weeks... Know what I mean? That is my experience with my new items - BBQ Spare Ribs.
To my knowledge, I haven't seen any other felt food item quite like these (and this is after many many Google searches), which is why this idea has been bouncing around the idea room in my head - banging the door down before someone else snatches this one up. Because in the felt food world, there are only so many felt food items that can be made before you have "seen it all" - of course there are variations of a food item - color, design, etc... but most play food items have been done-to-death by everyone and their grandmother (me included), so when the opportunity to create a totally new item comes up, I snatch it! The funny thing is, it wasn't even totally mine - my husband is the creative genius who gets credit for this one. My favorite part of this new design is the magnets that can be added to the small piece so the ribs can be "pulled apart" like the real thing. My kids giggle, and I smile.

I am a vegetarian, so the idea of me creating drippy meat play food is laughable. So as I sit with my kids, playing with their new play food pieces (my kids get the first crack at the new designs) I pretend we are gnawing on delicious soy-protein and tofu "riblets" dipped in organic vegetarian rib sauce. Or a meat popsicle. One of the two.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Designs

I am grinding my teeth today as I am working (wrestling, more like!) with a new design for a felt food item that has been sitting in a corner of my brain, poking me to let it out. I need to tell this little "brain design" that ideas and logistics don't always play well together. Oh well. I plug on and hope that I can nail this design down tonight, so it can have its big debut tomorrow. This one is a never-before-seen felt food item - at least I haven't found any like it in several searches, so it should be fun!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

And the Winner Is....

Christina and Tyler!!!

Thanks so much to everyone for participating in the giveaway and answering the survey.  I had great fun reading your answers and hearing what you all had to say. I didn't post all of the comments received, as some had email info and I couldn't figure how to delete it in the post, but i DID receive all of your comments and they were so helpful.

This was great fun and I will definitely be doing more giveaways very soon! Thanks again!

Friday, April 9, 2010


I've got an amazing Giveaway today from my shop, Bug Bites Play Food - a French Toast set with Strawberries, Blueberries and Whipped Cream. Who doesn't remember sitting down on a Sunday morning to a steaming stack of cinnamon french toast, berries & cream? Now your Little Chef can return the favor to you with this French Toast set.

Perfect for little hands, this set contains 2 life-sized pieces of toast, hand-stitched strawberry slices & hand-stitched blueberries, all topped with a hand-stitched dollop of whipped cream.

You can enter by completing this SURVEY and leaving me a comment on this link, or below. The winner will be selected randomly using and announced on Tuesday, April 12.  

*Note: I’ll notify the winner using the email address they list when they comment. PLEASE include your email address in the comment - these will NOT BE PUBLISHED.

Good luck!