Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Feature - GreenManShop

I am always on the lookout for gorgeous shops on Etsy, shops that combine superior craftsmanship, eco-friendly materials and amazing aesthetics. So this week, I would love to introduce you all to one of my long time favorites - GreenManShop


"We design and make by ourselves a variety of unique items aimed for children, a well as adults. They are not just toys, and are made with a lot of thought and with caring hands. We believe that all of us, children or grown-ups, are entitled to enjoy high quality, natural, hand made toys, the kind of toys that can become dear friends to be cherished for many years."

The doll is one of my absolute favorites, it is called The Eternal Hug It is a Mother and Daughter Waldorf style doll that is all about love. I love the beautiful, simple faces! Plus, they are made with cotton linen and stuffed with all-natural unbleached cotton.

 Another of my absolute favorite items is their Elephant Rider. The originality and  craftsmanship of this pair is inspired by India, where two of their children were born - "a country in which elephants actually roam in the streets and are loved as gods by all people. Seeing an elephant so close-up and in such a mundane way makes reality somehow much less reasonable and more magical."

I am excited to see their new dolls coming out soon, and can't wait to purchase one for my little girl - though with the addition of new dolls to their shop, it is going to be that much harder to choose! Happy shopping!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What I'm Working on Today

After a delightful soiree to Pumpkin Land with my little Man's Kindergarten class this morning, I am back at my desk, feverishly trying to crank out Ham Sandwich Sets, Chips & Grape bunches before school lets out for the day - the time when I switch gears into full Mommy mode. Sometimes I dream of "self-stitching" grapes that will just magically assemble themselves together, because 10 grape sets can get tedious when you hit that 100th grape ball. Though, that negates the whole purpose of "handmade" so I'll just keep plugging along.

I am planning several new items for my shop in the next few weeks. Especially with the plethora of pumpkins today (we picked out 2 GIANT pumpkins for the front porch) it is making me think that I need a little pumpkin & squash set in my shop.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Palumba Days

I finally confess visually why I have been a reclusive office-hermit. After weeks of planning, ordering and supply waiting, there came the wonderfully-dreaded month of non-stop, full-production sewing to finish a rather large order I was blessed to receive this summer. Being mostly a small, one-at-a-time maker of felt play food, this avalanche order of felt toys was a make-or-break offer for me.

The pictures are terrible, I confess, but standing on tip-toe on our highest chair, trying to frame this in was a challenge, so please forgive the photography. It also doesn't look as impressive when viewed with half of the items bagged up - I was under a shipping deadline & refused to unpack the 11 piece Breakfast set, the 18 piece Turkey set, & the 28 piece Pizzas, just to get a mere photo, but believe me - it was awesome!

So, with deadline looming and never having tackled an order this large, I was sweating bullets to get this 1300 individual-piece order done in the month that I had. I won't even mention that I still had my family, house, Church activities and an increasingly-busy Etsy shop to run all at the same time.  So, to my friends and family - this is the reason you saw so little of me this last month and a half!

It was a wonderful experience, a great lesson in time management, and precision planning. Most special thank you's to the endless patience and support from my wonderful husband and children (I "neglect" you no longer, my luvs!)

So, after 18 yards of wool felt, 25 spools of thread, 2 scissor sharpenings, and more hours at my desk than I would like to confess - and even less sleep, I am finally finished - earning a well deserved break from felt food... oh, wait - strike that - the Holiday season is approaching... NO BREAKS! Work, work, work Becca!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Great Crash of 2009

It finally happened. After months of limping along with my faithful iMac G4 - which is considerably old, the great crash came & took with it all my vital info, documents, & meticulous records (thank goodness for paper backups). Needless to say, I was devastated & more than a bit miffed that my computer had the audacity to crash completely without notifying me of its intentions in time to back up my hard drive. Oh well, I guess that is the way things go. So after 2 days of shopping, I am back online with a Ferarri of a Mac, humming quietly away as I lovingly tap the keys... Funny how you don't know what you are missing until you try something new - in this case, it was like my old iMac was a 1950s jalopy & I have just been given the aforementioned sports car.  Aaah, the wind in my hair!