Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Feature - GreenManShop

I am always on the lookout for gorgeous shops on Etsy, shops that combine superior craftsmanship, eco-friendly materials and amazing aesthetics. So this week, I would love to introduce you all to one of my long time favorites - GreenManShop


"We design and make by ourselves a variety of unique items aimed for children, a well as adults. They are not just toys, and are made with a lot of thought and with caring hands. We believe that all of us, children or grown-ups, are entitled to enjoy high quality, natural, hand made toys, the kind of toys that can become dear friends to be cherished for many years."

The doll is one of my absolute favorites, it is called The Eternal Hug It is a Mother and Daughter Waldorf style doll that is all about love. I love the beautiful, simple faces! Plus, they are made with cotton linen and stuffed with all-natural unbleached cotton.

 Another of my absolute favorite items is their Elephant Rider. The originality and  craftsmanship of this pair is inspired by India, where two of their children were born - "a country in which elephants actually roam in the streets and are loved as gods by all people. Seeing an elephant so close-up and in such a mundane way makes reality somehow much less reasonable and more magical."

I am excited to see their new dolls coming out soon, and can't wait to purchase one for my little girl - though with the addition of new dolls to their shop, it is going to be that much harder to choose! Happy shopping!

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