I am an artistic, blissfully married, work-at-home mother of two amazing children. I am a creator and can't stand idle hands. You will usually find me with a project or two, drawing, sculpting, sewing, swimming, biking, fly-fishing or dreaming away while sitting outside playing with my children in the sunshine.

As a mother, I am all too aware of the cheap, mass-produced, lead-laden toys that have flooded American toy stores - we have all seen the recalls of thousands of toys in the news in recent months. In effort to rid my children's toy box of some of these toxic toys, I decided to take matters into my own hands (literally) and create my own toys that are handmade, safe & which foster the imagination that today's toys sadly, seem to have lost.

I am a Ricks College AA Alumni and have my BFA degree in Fine Arts from BYU Hawaii - specializing in sculpture and ceramics, so sculpting fun food toys just comes naturally to me!

I make all felt food by my hand and from my trusty sewing machine. Items are double and sometimes triple stitched in high-stress places for durability - as my kids have proven, if a toy doesn't last then what good is it?

So, I bring you Bug Bites Play Food - I hope they will bring you and your children many hours of fun and joyful play!