Friday, September 26, 2008

Monkeying Around

Just wanted to introduce you all to my other "pet-project" (no pun intended)... SOCK MONKEYS! We call this one Peaches. I made her for my little Aubrey who just turned 8 months old. I am happy to say that she loves it! I think its the bell in the tail that does it...

I made this monkey out of a pair of super-soft chenille socks I found the other day - though it was hard not to stick my cold toes inside them before sewing! One of the most fun projects I have had in a while. I made the eyes from several stitches of embroidery floss -as I am very aware of choking hazards with Aubrey's toys.

I look forward to adding this little cutie & her many other monkey friends to our growing collection of lovies. Check back again for more monkey-ish updates!

1 comment:

Sock Monkey Jungle said...

awwww she is just adorable !! well done!!! she looks cute and snuggly soft! x cant wait to see her friends such a cute mame too! x