Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Movie Night

We love movies at our house. Escaping everyday life into worlds of intrigue, thrills and quite often, a sweet love story. The lights go down, we don jammies, toe socks and warm blankies and mix up a batch of our favorite snack - POPCORN.

My husband and I love the old-school popcorn popper we received for Christmas 2 years ago (thanks Mom and Dad!), especially because it makes the best cinnamon kettle corn ever! So, in tribute to our favorite movie nights, I decided to make a felt version of our favorite movie treat.


Pardon My French said...

I love your new stuff! The muffins are so cute, too!

Kelsey Couch said...

Oh my gosh, how great are you?? Ever since I was a little girl I have been OBSESSED with play food, but nothing has ever been as creative and cute as what you are doing. I really wish I was a child again just to play with this food (although I would love to play with it now too). I am only 20 so I hope you are around when I start having kids, because this will be their first toy! best of luck!

p.s. the cinnamon rolls are adorable!