Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kitchen Tools

Little chins resting on the counter, short legs tip-toeing on chairs, eyes curiously watching, and eager little hands helping is one of my favorite moments of the day as we sift, mix and measure random powders, flours and goopy syrups when making cookies.

I hope to share some of my favorite moments with my new set of kitchen utensils in my Etsy shop.

My favorite is the pancake turner, mostly because it is my daughter's favorite. She spent an afternoon flipping felt play food pancakes, eggs and pies at me as I worked. She also made great use of the measuring cup by filling it with spools of my thread and bobbins. Thread cookies anyone? Huge grins and giggles from each of us that day.


Christina and Tyler said...

That is some of the cutest stuff ever. You make great things. I wish I had the skill, I defintely have the felt!

Pardon My French said...

I absolutely love it! Very cute and you should definitely put it in your shop!

reneek said...

I like the kitchen tools. They are too cute!!