Friday, February 12, 2010

Tea, Toast and Toe Socks

We have been having a little rough patch the last month with lots of sniffles and sneezes around here. It seems like when your kid is in school, he brings home every little communal bug and lovingly (or not so much) shares it with the family. We have had at least one of us sick for the last month. Right now, it is a double whammy with E & I. As such, I haven't touched my sewing in a week. Not only do I not have the energy, but I like to be selfish with my germs. Though I love my customers, I don't want to send them this little treat of a cold with their order.

So, as we camp out on our living room couch, watching endless episodes of the "Pink Panther" - (yes, the vintage 1960s classic) we are snuggled up in our warmest blankies, jammies and of course my zany toe-socks (which were lovingly given to me by Dad for my birthday, thanks Dad!), sipping our mint tea and toast and wishing this misery would end so we can get back to life.

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