Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cherry pie in my eye...

A new season of spring makes me think of new ideas faster than other seasons - so I have 2 new play food designs to present to the BugBites fan-club. I must have pie-on-the-brain because I have been dreaming of these pies and am wanting the real thing a little too badly to confess!

I love the discovery of what pinking shears will do to felt (thanks for the pair Mom!). They bring a feel of real handmade pie crust to the cherry pie - just like my Grandma's.

I guess homemade pies bring me back to family gatherings & make me nostalgic for my childhood summer picnics with dozens of cousins & Aunt Maureen's Lemon Merengue pies. So this newest lemon-mint slice is dedicated to her pastry genius - though it doesn't taste the same - its too hard to pick the fibers out of your teeth. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

your pies look so yummy!